First Day on the Job


The noises she started to make as soon as his tongue touched her just made Hunter work harder between Santana’s legs, lapping fervently at her cum soaked folds and then up to flick across her hardened clit. Eating her out was one of Hunter’s favourite things to do to santana and so relished every reaction he got whether it be verbal or her hands gripping anywhere and everywhere as she could barely stand what it did to her. Taking a tighter grip of her hips, he really began pushing his tongue inside of her until he was stopped by her hands. Her request made him shiver with need.

'I thought you'd never fucking ask,' he mumbled out, placing a final kiss onto her pussy before pushing himself up onto his knees. Fumbling with his belt and button, he shucked his skinny jeans down to his knees, followed by his boxers which left his straining erection bobbing in the open air. He sighed, looking down at her with his bottom lip snagged on his teeth. 'You're so hot. I could cum without fucking touching myself.' A thought suddenly struck him as he spoke and he cocked his head to the side, his smile lazy and knowing. Without saying another word, he reached forward, took a hold of his cock and started to slowly pump it, her wetness coating his dick and making jacking off a breeze. 'Touch yourself, babe.'

Santana watched with bated breath as Hunter stripped out of his jeans and boxers, the sight being something she definitely missed. “Fuck,” she said under her breath, as she could feel herself getting even wetter still in anticipation for him. The Latina ran her hands over her body, gripping at her breasts and dragging her hands down her stomach, giving him a bit of a show as he looked at her. 

But his request confused her. She’d asked for him inside her, and that wasn’t what he was giving her. But she had no room to be annoyed, as all of her emotion was taken up by want and lust. She bit down on her bottom lip as she watched him begin to jerk himself off. “Yes Hunter,” she obliged, slipping her hand down her front and to her pussy. “You always make me so wet for you,” Santana told him, as she coated her fingers with her own cum before pushing two inside herself. Her eyes shut as she pumped her fingers in and out of herself, spreading her legs even wider so he could see her. 

"Do you like watching me, baby?" She asked, opening her eyes to see him picking up the pace on himself, and it being a lot hotter than she thought it would be. "Me fucking myself while I imagine its you… like I have done in the shower the past few nights…" Santana let out a loud moan as she finally went deeper, hitting her Gspot with her fingers. The Latina was shamelessly trying to entice him to fuck her, and she wasn’t going to stop until he did.

First Day on the Job


Hunter’s lips were just millimetres away from Santana’s as she spoke, so much so that he could taste her hot breath on his tongue and so, when he realised just what she was saying, the groan that escaped his mouth reverberated right into her parted lips. ‘Fuck,’ he moaned, pulling himself reluctantly from her lips and kissing across her cheek and down her neck. ‘I want-’ He kissed a wet trail down her chest and then her cleavage, nipping at her skin as he went. ‘I really want-’ He continued eagerly down her stomach, past her bellybutton and stopping abruptly, right before the waistband of her booty shorts. ‘I really wanna taste you.’

Hooking his fingers into the underwear, he slid them down her thighs, a large, cocky smirk all over his face. He could already tell she was wet though a simple lick across her slit would definitely confirm that. And so, leaning down, he did just that. He let out a low hum as his tongue flicked lightly across her centre, the familiar taste of her cum making him heady with just one touch. ‘Fuck, you taste so fucking good,’ he grunted, not being able to keep the tease up any longer and so spreading her legs wider with his hands and immediately attacking her pussy with his tongue, licking and sucking ravenously at her in all the ways he knew she liked.

Santana’s breathing became ragged and hitched as he moved down her body, the anticipation getting to her in every way. If she hadn’t already been soaked, she definitely was now. She watched him as he trailed down her front, and continued to look up at her, because he knew exactly what he was doing to her. Moaning loudly, her head fell back at his comment, and her hands gripped the couch, fighting every urge to grab the back of his head. 

"Oh my god," she breathed, as soon as his tongue touched her. She was aware that there were people in the house other than them, but they both knew that Santana could, in no way, be quiet when he was giving her head. It was physically impossible for her. And it worked out because she knew how much he loved the verbal appreciation. However, as soon as he began to really fuck her with his tongue, she couldn’t hold back, and her hands immediately latched onto his hair to hold him in place. "Baby, I need you inside me," the Latina whined, spreading her legs farther apart for him, knowing that she was being greedy, but not caring in the slightest. 

First Day on the Job


Hunter groaned as he felt the fly of his jeans press down into his crotch, the thought of Santana being just a few clothing layers away being all of a sudden agonising. The sexual tension that had been building between them over the past couple weeks had sent him past the point of want. He needed her now. The rough, untamed, fiery version of her that made him cum harder than he ever had before that he knew so so well. And when she picked up his hands and placed them on the swell of her perfectly formed ass, that need went into overdrive.

Pushing her down onto his crotch roughly, Hunter’s tongue slid hotly over Santana’s, a kiss so hungry that he could feel the arousal vibrating from her every pore. But in this position it just wasn’t enough. And so, taking a firm hold of her ass and swivelling himself around, he managed to lay her down onto the couch next to him and climb between her legs in one foul motion. He stopped to look down at her, her hair in disarray and eyes black with lust, for just one moment before bringing his lips to hers once more. This time he had the perfect positioning to tease her, grinding his crotch between her spread legs and where he knew she wanted him.

It had been all too long since they’d had any type of interaction like this, but not long enough that Santana knew exactly what was coming next. She held onto his shoulders as he practically tossed her onto the couch next to him, and spread her legs straight away. He was never shy about telling her how hot he thought she was and she knew for a fact that he loved her in this position. Well, any position really. As Hunter’s lips latched onto hers again, she ran her hands up the back of his top, bringing it up and over his head, only parting lips so she could toss it across the room. 

Santana felt as though Hunter was getting her back for something with the amount of teasing he was doing, though she wasn’t sure what it was for. But she could feel the smirk form on his mouth as she let out a moan from his grinding into her. If she hadn’t been wearing black, the wet patch in her booty shorts would have been completely visible, and that would have made him entirely too cocky. The Latina gripped at his belt buckles, and pushed her hips into his for more friction.

"Hunter," she moaned, knowing how much he loved hearing his name come from her lips like that. "Tell me what you want. I’ll do it, anything."  She was beyond desperate now, wanting him far too badly to even admit.

First Day on the Job


Hunter’s heart was beating hard against his rib cage and his whole body had gone stiff, unsure of exactly what was allowed in a situation like this. What started off as stupid teasing was quickly evolving into so much more as Santana placed a knee down onto the couch, the space between her legs growing in visiblility as the second knee joined. His overly dry tongue tried to wet his lips but with no avail, his throat following suit until his mouth just opened and closed without purpose. She was basically straddling him. Santana Lopez was across his lap in nothing but underwear and seemed to be feeling no regret about that fact. Instead, it was as if she was inviting him to do something. And when she reached for his hand and placed it on her laced skin, he knew it was all over. He felt his pants grow instantly tighter.

'San…' Hunter breathed, his eyes following his fingertips as they ghosted a path below her naval. 'Why're you…' He suddenly didn't give two shits about finishing his question. He wanted Santana. And he wanted her now. His bicep tensed as he tried to stop himself from making a move on her. He couldn't… There was an arrangement…

'Fuck you,' Hunter murmered before reached up to tangle his hand in Santana's hair and pulled her face down to place a searing kiss on her lips, sliding her directly onto his lap and using his other hand to grip firmly onto her hip. He didn't care about consequences or repercussions anymore. She'd wanted to start something and he was about to finish it.

In all honesty, Santana wasn’t sure what she was doing anymore. The urge to tease him had faded completely as his fingers grazed over the lace on her underwear. Her entire plan had backfired. The only thing she could think of now was the way it felt when they used to be in this position before. When they were together. Hunter’s reactions were only reminding her of how good he used to make her feel, and how much he used to boost her ego. 

Santana was just about to make a smart comment in reply to what he said, but she had no time before his hand was in her hair and his lips were crashing into hers. But she  couldn’t say she didn’t love every second of it. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened, it was just the way they expressed themselves. And since Santana had been there, Hunter hadn’t had any female visitors, thankfully for her, and she knew he wanted it badly. 

Now that she was directly straddling him, the Latina rolled her hips into Hunter’s crotch, using the friction of his jeans to aid in how it felt. Her hands met either side of his face as she continued to kiss him, her tongue working against his. Santana hadn’t kissed him in what felt like forever, and there was no denying that she missed it. He knew all the things she liked and all the things that got her going, as she did with him. 

Keeping that in mind, Santana bit Hunter’s bottom lip and tugged on it before going back in to kiss him harder. She reached up to both of his hands, moving them down to her barely covered ass, knowing that was one of his favorite parts of her body. 

First Day on the Job


Hunter’s brow furrowed. Santana never passed up pizza, it was one of her favourite foods. She’d been on a gazillion diets trying dozens of different food combinations to stay thin but whenever he’d siggest pizza, she wouldn’t be able to resist. He shrugged. ‘Okay whatever. But I’ll still come and walk you home. The last thing you want right now is to get attacked.’

As soon as Hunter had made his comments about Santana’s outfit, he knew he’d made a very grave error. He knew the girl. He knew her like the back of both his hands and then some. He knew as soon as the tone of her voice changed and pitch lowered, as soon as her actions started to become slow and deliberate and as soon as she started towards him, he was in the shit. He’d said things that were way out of line and now, she was on a roll. And he was a prime victim just ready to be fucked with. Though, considering the way she was stood, legs slightly apart and showing literally everything he loved about her, he suddenly wasn’t feeling like complaining anymore.

Hunter licked his lips, distracted from Santana’s words as his eyes worked their way across her body. ‘Lace. Good. Yeah,’ he replied, swallowing down his suddenly dry throat and willing his eyes to look up at her face. ‘Lace.’ He snapped up to look at her. ‘Lace is perfect.’ She had him trapped sitting there and she knew it. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t readjust, he couldn’t hide vital areas. If she was going to keep moving around all sexy, things would start to become… obvious.

Santana had awhile before she had to leave for work, so that gave her ample amount of time to fuck with the guy sitting right in front of her. And it was working. He had this look of panic on his face that was absolutely priceless. She would have laughed at him if she hadn’t been so proud of herself. “Perfect? Well that’s even better than I thought,” she said, licking her lips before she knelt onto the couch, her knees on either side of him still. She let her hands travel down from her bustier, across her stomach and down to the lace on the bottoms. 

"It’s really soft too," she added, running her fingertips along the lace front of her barely there booty shorts. His eyes were wandering again, and it was making her more and more confident, pushing her to go on. Santana wasn’t completely sure why she was doing this, but her will to stop had vanished. Her eyes located one of his hands, which she took hold of gently, tilting her head so she could look at him. "Want to feel?" She asked, replacing her fingertips with his. Her tongue licked her hips slowly, as she spread her legs wider so that she was practically sitting on his lap. 

First Day on the Job


'True,' Hunter replied with a shrug, taking Santana's comment as permission to open both of his eyes and strolling over to the couch. He slumped down heavily and swung his feet up onto the bed, crossing them and laying back comfortably. The perfect position for optimum viewing of all that Santana was putting out there. She wasn't covering up, he wasn't about to close his eyes any time soon. He nodded at where she was headed, the dread in his chest easing up. He wished he didn't feel like that and those stupid feelings wouldn't invade his brain every now and again but they did. And sometimes it just ate him away. Today, luckily for him, he was in the clear.

'With that on…' Hunter gestured to Santana's whole body. '…The whole fuckin' bar are gonna think it's their birthdays.' He chuckled, shaking his head to himself before leaning over and picking up a magazine to the flick through. 'You want me to come pick you up after your shift? We could go for pizza or some shit? I ain't so sure walking around the city in that get up is a good idea.' He looked up from the page. 'Especially since you've kicked the amount of skin on show to insta-boner levels. I mean…' He let out a long breath, raking his eyes down her. 'Fuck me.'

Santana laughed lightly along with Hunter at his comment, realizing that he was loving this all too much. “Pizza would be great,” she replied with a smile, but quickly after, she instantly regretted her answer, as her smiled faded. “Uh.. But I’m gonna have to pass. I can’t keep eating late if I want to be able to keep wearing outfits like this…” She hoped it was a good enough save. She continued to look at herself in the mirror, taking note at him practically drooling over her. The Latina couldn’t lie, she loved that she was doing this to him, and it was a nice thought to know that she still had some sort of power over him. 

So, of course, she decided to mess with him a bit. She saw his eyes still on her, so she bent down to put her heels on, spreading her legs just slightly. “Insta-boner levels, huh?” Santana asked, standing up straight quickly and letting her hair fly back, before running her hands through it. “So you think my outfit works then?” She asked again, turning now to face him and slowly walking towards him. She took this as practice for the night, wanting to test herself to see if she still could entice a guy. But if she was being completely honest, it was mostly for her own pleasure of seeing her ex boyfriend squirm. 

As she got close to Hunter, Santana upped the steaks a bit. She lifted her leg and put it on the other side of his, so that she was straddling him now. “I think the lace adds a soft touch, don’t you?” She asked, running her fingers over the sides of her bustier, but keeping her eyes locked on his. 

First Day on the Job


Hunter laid out lazily on the broken down couch in the living room, aiming the remote at the TV and flicking through channels aimlessly to try and find something he could latch onto to watch. It had been a slow day for him and he was really in the mood for some mind numbing action or teen drama to get his mind off of his current situation, the lack of a job and his current cramped environment pushing him into a rut he was generally not happy on being in. Sighing, he threw down the remote. Santana was home. She could entertain him.

Hopping up from the couch as if he was on a mission, Hunter made his way out of the living room, kicking a pizza box into the crevice behind the couch as he went. He had found living with Santana had not been such an upheaval as he’d thought and they actually got on really well as roommates. She was tidy as fuck and cooked and he… Well, he sat around being adorable. It was a good set up. And so, with that in mind, he opened up the door to their bedroom in search of the fiery girl. He was met with way more than he bargained for.

'Whoa whoa whoa,' Hunter immediately reacted, throwing his hands up and squeezing his eyes shut. 'Sorry, babe. I didn't expect to walk in here and find Hustler magazine standing right there.' He grinned at her with his eyes still shut. 'What's got you all naked?' He let an eye creep open and it counced from her ridiculously hot physique, down to the clothes on the bed. 'Oh. Ya going out?' The jovial smile waned. If she was going to meet a dude, he'd kill him before he even reached out to knock on the door. Just because he didn't have her, didn't mean anyone else could.

Santana just looked in Hunter’s direction as he came in, rolling her eyes at his reaction. “Please, it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked a million times before,” she said with a laugh as she surveyed the clothes on his bed. She picked up a simple black bustier with lace on the sides and put it on as she spoke to him, glancing at herself in the mirror. “Yeah, going to work,” she said vaguely, not wanting to tell him about the new job or the fact that she needed money. She slipped on the matching booty shorts to go with it, still eyeing her body in the mirror.

"You know, I bought this set for you a while back," she said, turning back to him with a smirk. "I got it for your birthday or something." Santana shrugged as she collected the rest of the clothing, if it could even be called that, and crouched down to put it back into her bag that was set in the corner, clothes scattered around it. Digging into another bag, she pulled out a pair of six inch black heels before standing back up and walking over to him. "What do you think? Will this make me loads of tips?" The outfit could have been something she’d wear to the saloon, and hopefully that’s what he’d think. 

First Day on the Job

The other night at work, Santana was doing the usual. Dancing on the bar to whatever was playing on the jukebox, trying to make her and the girls a few extra tips. Apparently she was doing a good job, because she was getting an overwhelming amount of attention from the customers. Even more than usual. So much so, that she had to jump down from the bar so they’d stop touching her, it was starting to weird her out. Once she was down, she took a sip from her water bottle, as a man in the corner flagged her down. She smiled and walked over to him. “What can I get for ya?” She asked, grabbing a glass in preparation. 

"Actually, I’ve got an offer for you," The man said with a disgusting smirk on his face. Santana rolled her eyes at him, but knew she was supposed to humor the customers when they tried to hit on her. "Oh really?" She asked, a fake smile reappearing onto her lips. "What’s that?" She leaned onto the bar, her cleavage on full display, in attempts for more tips. "I’ve got an opening at my club," the guy started, slipping a business card across the bar towards her. "It’s a gentleman’s club. And you have just the look we want." 

Santana wasn’t sure if she should be flattered or offended, so she just continued reading the card as he spoke. “Our waitresses make anywhere from three hundred to five hundred dollars a night,” he said before continuing, and Santana held up her hand. “Hold on right there. Three to five hundred?!” That was exactly what she needed to pay her bill for her apartment. “Do I have to audition?” 

Needless to say, Santana got the audition and tonight was her first night working at her new job. She hoped that working at this club would get her the money she needed so she could move back into her apartment. Her landlord gave her an extension after some heavy bragging, so she’d have enough time to pay her bill. 

The Latina had just stepped out of the shower as she walked into her and Hunter’s room to get ready. She quickly dried her hair and did her makeup, knowing her outfit was going to take her the most time to pick out. She laid out a few items on their bed, as she stood there, naked, trying to decide what to wear. 

URGENT - Self Para

  • Tagging → Santana Lopez
  • Time Frame → Tuesday Evening, 19 November
  • Location → Santana’s building
  • General Notes → Santana receives a letter and doesn’t know how to handle the news. 

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A Reluctant Favor


As his hands worked tirelessly on Santana’s ribs, a large smile graced Hunter’s lips, one he was sure he hadn’t had for a very long time. She just had that power, that click with him that could be rivalled by no other and it was to be shown to him over and over again. He just knew this wasn’t going to be the last time he’d laugh like this until his belly hurt with her.

However, all good things must come to an end and soon enough, the laughter petered out and they were both left, chests rising and falling rapidly and bodies suddenly suffocatingly close. He hadn’t noticed their proximity at all. Until then. And then, their eyes locked and it was all over.

Hunter licked his lips, taking in the beauty laid half underneath him, half tangled up in the covers. Her hair was impossibly messy, sticking out in all directions but not in a sloppy way. No, it was in the sexiest way possible. Her eyes were large, bright and shining with her pupils bouncing between his, loading her innocent question with so much more. He took in a breath and gently brought a hand up to a stray piece of hair protruding from her head, tucking it carefully behind her ear. ‘No. No, you’re good,’ he said softly, slowly slipping from his spot hovering above her and back onto his own side of the bed. He glanced over once more, lingered, then laid his head down on his pillow. ‘Goodnight Santana. Sweet dreams.’

It was obvious to the both of them that that was a loaded question. And honestly, Santana wasn’t sure what kind of answer she expected. Or wanted, for that matter. But she did know that when Hunter tucked the stray hair behind her ear a flood of nostalgic emotions and feelings washed over her, making her feel like she was back as a senior in high school again with her new “dirtball” boyfriend. 

Though, of course, it had to be ripped away from her as he replied finally with a negative answer and retreated back to his side. She was disappointed, though she masked it by turning over to her stomach, her face angled away from him. She swapped sides to look towards him, smiling over at him sweetly before replying, “You too, Hunter. Buenos noches.” 

It didn’t take long for Santana to fall asleep, though it was difficult, at first, to get the running thoughts to stop going through her head. But the main one being why she was so disappointed that he said no to her. She wasn’t even sure what she was asking him. And yet, this unsettling feeling made her stomach turn. But she figured it was best for her not to even think about it, and so she let her brain take a rest so she could slip into sleep.